The Womb-man’s Song community is a place exclusively for women of Afrikan descent, where we can speak freely about issues specific to the African-American female community.

Openly delving into relationship, familial, sexual, mental and physical health and well being.

Feel free to share your experience and bathe in the river of knowledge of all of the illustrious Wombmen of this community.

Below are some basic how to’s and suggestions to insure this oasis remains a beautiful home for these magnificent earths.

  1. Group postings are confidential. Members and leaders are bound ethically not to disclose the contents of the sessions in any way that could identify/ compromise members of the group. Remember, we are building trust and safety.
  2.  Try to speak from your own experience by using “I” instead of generalizing with “We”, “You” and “Us”. We can only speak for how we feel, not how others feel.
  3. Tolerance: Tolerance is acceptance. We must be accepting of our differences in order to grow and learn. Please refrain from political and religious proclamations as these are areas that divide us; our goal is to UNITE.
  4. Please avoid bombshells: No dramatic, disrespectful outbursts on any topics. It is disrespectful to others’ therapy and healing.
  5. Breathe: Breathing allows us to feel our feelings and live. Balance, pause and meditate.
  6. Listen: We have two ears and one mouth so listen twice as much as you speak. Effective communication requires both listening and sharing.
  7. Refrain from giving advice: Share suggestions. Do not tell anyone what to do or how to feel. Let them discover their own process.
  8. Avoid power plays: Be respectful. Do not ‘get up and leave’ because your sister disagrees with you.  Even if you feel disrespected, remember that we ALL need healing.  Be patient.  Do not abandon your community. Talk it out and work it out as a family. Your community needs you.
  9. Know that you are VALUABLE.  Know that your sister is as valuable as you. Go out on a limb and share love. It comes back EVERY TIME.